Software Engineer - (OpenSource Full Stack)
Company Name Carbonite
Location Boston, MA
Date Posted August 16, 2013
Category Developer
Job Type Full-Time



Since its founding in 2005, Carbonite has generated both rapid and consistent growth, with a compound annual growth rate in excess of 170% over the last four years. The Company was founded with a clear vision: to provide simple and affordable cloud backup solutions to the masses. Carbonite now leads the consumer cloud backup category with nearly 1.5 million paying customers and 85% retention rates.

Early on, Carbonite determined that the size of its market opportunity and scalable nature of its recurring revenue (subscription) business model provided a real opportunity to build an independent and enduring brand. An important milestone on the road to fulfilling that promise was Carbonite’s IPO in August 2011. The desire to build a company that will thrive over the long-term has also driven the way Carbonite’s management thinks about its business. Carbonite has invested heavily in its people, R&D, customer experience, and brand awareness in order to fully realize its potential.

As Carbonite built its category-leading cloud backup service, cloud computing gained momentum and is currently seen by many as the biggest growth opportunity in tech since the Internet. Cloud services and the proliferation of devices that use the cloud is a profound and fundamental shift in how consumers and small businesses use technology. Carbonite has expanded its vision—to be a leading player in delivering cloud-based data protection and data management solutions for consumers and small businesses—which it believes to be a natural extension of its core business. With an installed base of nearly 1.5 million paying customers, an impressive array of new products released and in the pipeline, a top-tier management team, and a proprietary low-cost cloud infrastructure, Carbonite is uniquely positioned to deliver on its broader vision.

Position Description:

The New Ventures team at Carbonite is at the forefront of new cloud applications and services — pushing the envelope in terms of technology, working practices, and agility. We are the “Labs” organization within Carbonite,, aptly considered a startup within the company, but with access to resources rarely found in a startup. Our work has a major impact on product strategy at Carbonite.

You will build scalable backend web services that enable new products and enhance existing ones. Whether your passion is building robust, reusable web services or optimizing Cassandra and improving DevOps, you’ll have the opportunity to do all of this and more. Your contribution will challenge the status quo and keep the company engaged in the most forward-looking practices: continuous integration, automated testing, configuration, and deployment

You will build client applications for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Like startup developers, you’ll be a “full stack” engineer. You are obsessed with excellent UI/UX design and are precise with your implementations. You are thoughtful and curious about the efficiency and security challenges inherent in seamlessly shipping files to storage in the cloud.

Your peers on the New Ventures team are versatile, cross-platform, full-stack engineers. We use a combination of custom and off-the-shelf/open-source components to vet concepts quickly and efficiently. A proven record of teamwork, trust, and collaboration is essential: you will work closely with engineering peers, architects, UI designers, and product managers and will overcome technical challenges to meet urgent ship dates.

We enjoy the best of both worlds on the New Ventures Team: a dynamic, fast-paced, startup feel with the backing of a very successful company.


For the first three months, you will come up to speed on our products and their design. You’ll eagerly learn unfamiliar technology and bring your expertise to areas you are familiar with. You’ll gracefully adapt and help enhance our working practices and coding style. And you’ll make keen observations about areas for improvement.

At three to twelve months, you’ll be fully integrated into the team. You’ll have developed working relationships with everyone else as well as made collaborative connections throughout the company. You’ll have made a tangible, measureable impact. Your contributions and expertise have been essential to our success and you’ll lead the team by example.

Key Challenges You Will Overcome

We are constantly balancing our workload against the need to deliver products and prototypes quickly. You’ll bring your toolbox and tricks to this company and improve our ability to deliver solutions quickly with best-in-industry practices and quality.


Any candidate must have

• A very strong team/collaborative work ethic
• A willingness to learn and an active, demonstrable curiosity about the newest technologies and practices
• A passion for smart risk-taking and for impacting the company’s success
• A strong desire to work on web services and multiple platforms & clients
• A mastery of Computer Science fundamentals: algorithms, data structures, design patterns, and the like.

A candidate must have one or more of the following skills

• Python and involvement in the Python Community
• Open-source experience
• Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) including configuration and deployment using tools like Cloud Formation, Boto, Chef, Puppet, DevOps
• Web Service Development with server-side frameworks like Django/Bottle/Flask
• Distributed Search Engine Technologies like Elastic Search, Solr
• Cassandra, Mongo, and/or CouchDB experience and significant understanding of selecting database technologies
• Multi-tiered, cloud service-oriented architecture for high concurrency
• Familiarity with rich-client tools (AJAX, JSON, JQuery)

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