FAQ for Startups


Q: What types of candidates attend?

A: Candidates range from all experience levels and backgrounds, although a significant portion of the candidates have between 1-5 years’ experience and are from top tier universities.


Q: I’m a startup looking for engineers, will they be at the fair?

A: Yes, there will loads of engineers at the fair. We recruit and partner with the area top technical schools and organizations.


Q: I’m a startup looking for a co-founder, will I find one there?

A: Sorry this event is not for you. We are looking for startups that have already raised at least one round of funding.


Q: What time can we setup?

A: Employers may setup starting 1 hour before the start of the event.


Q: What will our table setup look like?

A: Each employer will be provided with a 6’ foot table.  We encourage bringing stands and posters.  However, not all tables are against a wall so if you are planning on bringing something that must be hung please let us know in advance so we can position your table appropriately.  If you need access to a projector or have additional needs for a demonstration please contact us in advance so we can meet your needs.


Q: How many representatives can a startup bring?

A: Each space can comfortably fit 2-3 representatives, but there is no hard limit. All representatives must be registered prior to the event for security reasons. Feel free to rotate representatives in and out throughout the day.


Q: Will we have access to power outlets and wifi?

A: Yes, each table will have access to outlets and all of our venues have wifi.  Network passwords are included in the welcome packet when you get to the fair.


Q: How do we pay for our attendance fee?

A: You can register using a credit card directly from the website.


Q: Will food be provided?

A: Light refreshments will be provided including small sandwiches, snacks, and beverages for all employers, but lunch is not provided and we recommend startups order or bring a full lunch.


Q: Is there a resume book available?

A: Yes.  We have a resume list of candidates that is distributed via excel. Please contact us to inquire about getting a copy.


Q: We are only hiring developers currently.  Should we stay for the whole fair?

A: Yes, while the first two hours are for developers only, but many developers come during the other hours as well.


Q: Where can we park? How do we get there on public transportation?

A: Directions and parking information will be sent out in the week leading up to the job fair.


Q: Can we choose our table position?

A: Yes.  We have a limited number of premium tables.  If you are interested in choosing your location please contact us.


FAQ for Job Seekers


Q: Do I need to register in advance?

A: Yes.  For security reasons, all attendees must register in advance.


Q: Where do I park?  How do I get there on public transportation?

A: Directions and parking information will be sent out in the week leading up to the job fair.


Q: What should I bring?

A: Please make sure to bring copies of your resume, business cards, and any other materials you’d like to present to employers.


Q: How should I dress?

A: Startups are typically less formal than a corporate environment and so formal dress is not required; however, we would suggest wearing at least business casual.


Q: How do I sign up for a resume review?

A: You can sign up for a resume review here.  APPOINTMENTS


Q: What kind of employers should I expect?

A: All the employers at the show are funded startups and actively hiring.  Many startups are hiring developers, but most have non-technical positions as well.  Prior fairs have hosted companies in technology, publishing, finance, consulting, fitness, transportation, engineering and more.  There will be companies representing almost every industry.


Q: If I’m a student looking for an internship, can I attend?

A: Yes, the job fair is perfect for you. Many startups are hiring for internships.


Q: I’m a job seeker looking for a senior role at a startup, should I attend?

A: Yes, startups at the event will also be looking for experienced hires.


Q: Where do I find out about the startups & positions available?

A: The site will be continually updated with startups & jobs for the upcoming event.  You can find links to the company websites here. Please check “Startups” for a list of startups attending and “Jobs” for a list of startup jobs available.
Q: Do you have a copy of the floor plan?

A: Copies of the floor plan will be distributed at the event.


Q: Are there opportunities to get involved as a volunteer?

A: Yes.  You can sign up to volunteer for the event or get involved in the planning by filling out the application to become a volunteer.